Firmware MITO 833

MITO 833

Firmware MITO 833 untuk china box
File info     : .BIN
CPU type  : MTK 6253
Read by    : MCN BOX
Password  : FW cina

Scan Info :
Start Scanning...
MTK Chipset CPU: MT6253.
GND:8 10,RXD:3,TXD:1
[G:8 10 R:3 T:1] Apply to Box
Press and Holding Power button now !
Connecting, wait...
Phone detected, wait..
CPU: 6253 Ver: 8A04  SW:8A00
Initialize Boot7 ...
Flash(Nor/SF) Type  [INTEL] PF38F30xxM0x1xx
Flash(Nor/SF) Code  00898903(00000000)
Flash(Nor/SF) Size  0x01000000 Hex Bytes
Checking baud...
Set Baud:921600 Done.
Start Reading(Nor)...
Read Done !
Time used:  4 mins 16 s




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