Firmware ASIAFONE AF802


Firmware ASIAFONE AF802 untuk china box
File info     : Mstar_MACRONIX_MX25U6435E/F.BIN
CPU type  : Mstar
Read by    : MCN BOX
Password  : Masruri Blog

Usb scan info :
Scanning pin status,please waiting...
Pin-status Scan Done
Operation done, Pin detect out.
USB D-: 2   USB D+: 3  Mstar MSW853X
Press [ Save ] to save Pinout
Total expend 1 seconds
[D-:2 D+:3 Down:4] Apply to Box
If Scan other phone, please click [Stop]
[G:1 D-:2 D+:3 Down:4] Apply to Box
Connecting, wait...
Phone Connected!
Initialize boot6...
Boot Done.
Flash Type NOR
Flash ID 00C22537
Flash Model MACRONIX_MX25U6435E/F
Flash Size 0x800000(8,0M)
Start Reading...
Read Done!
File saved: I:\FW CHINA\asiafone af802  Mstar_MACRONIX_MX25U6435E_F



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